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Charleston, SC Lawn Care Update

Charleston, SC Lawn Care Update

March 15th, 2021

Charelston, SC Lawn Care Update

Spring has sprung. We know this because our cars and trucks are getting more and more yellow and we have a gigantic box of Claritin at the shop. We also know spring is here because we're starting to hear more from customers. It's like clockwork.

If your yard is looking less than desirable, you're not alone! Spring in the Lowcountry is notorious for having beautiful flowers and ugly lawns. We've been lucky not to have any frost dates in March yet, but we're only halfway through.  Fingers crossed Jack Frost has retired for the season. Our soil temperatures need to be consistently at or above 70 degrees (4" into the soil) for the grass to wake up and start repairing any damage, like fill in any fall/winter-time disease areas or fill in late fall armyworm damage areas that are slow to green up.  Take a meat thermometer outside and see! We took soil temperatures at our shop in North Charleston yesterday (March 15) and saw 58 degrees. We have a ways to go! Last year, we didn't see true green-up until June 1st in most areas!


"My neighbor's grass is greener than mine."  We get it.  You hired Weed Man Charleston, SC to have the prettiest grass on your street. Sometimes, Mother Nature and the environment in which the grass is trying to grow, have other plans. Do you have any variety of Zoysia grass? Zoysia is notorious for being the first grass to go dormant in the fall and the last grass to green up come spring time. If your neighbor has any other type of grass, it will probably green up before your Zoysia lawn. Zoysia lawns will have to practice patience this spring and if our spring is anything like 2020, it could last well into May.  


Most of the issues you're seeing right now will require warmer temperatures and patience to resolve. Any bare spots in the lawn due to fall or winter disease/stress should fill in over the growing season (May-August).  They are most likely caused by prolonged exposure to moisture (downspouts, low spots, the relentless rain we had this past winter, etc) or unidentified disease while the grass was dormant.  To protect the lawn in the future, you may want to consider preventative disease controls. 


Thank you for choosing Weed Man Lawn Care Charleston, SC! Have questions? We're here to help. Give us a call at (843) 884-1006.

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