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Spring Watering Tips

Spring Watering Tips

Caring for Your Charleston Lawn

Lawn Watering Tips

April is notorious for being dry in the Lowcountry and 2021 is no exception!  Are y'all ready for a group rain dance?  Where are those salsa dancing emojis? 💃 It is time to start watering if you haven't already as things are bone dry.  The grass might not require quite as much water as mid-summer, but it's definitely thirsty.  How much water?  Aim for 1"-1.5" per week combined from the sky and your sprinkler (closer to 1" this time of year and 1.5" in the summer).  How much water is coming out of your sprinkler?

The best way to figure out if you're watering enough (or too much!) is to put out a few shallow dishes on the lawn (like a tuna can/cat food can/tupperware dish that doesn't have rounded edges) and turn on your sprinklers for a set amount of time.  If after, let's say 15 minutes, you have 1/2" of water in the dishes, then you know you can water 2 times a week to get your 1" of necessary water.  It's best to water deep and less frequently to promote deep root growth.  You want the roots to reach down into the soil for reserve water.  Don't water every day of the week - that's a good way to promote disease, root rot, and watch the dollars fly out of your bank account.

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